The village

Built amphitheatrically in a wooded embrace under the neck of Katara, that rugged stone mass of Pindos, Metsovo stubbornly maintains its traditional character unchanged. An example of a mountain settlement, which is full of life all year round, it generously offers its visitors so much beauty that is difficult to find in similar destinations.

Especially during the winter season, the famous Vlachohori, birthplace of great national benefactors (Tositsas, Stournaras, Averof etc.), is a constant value on the tourist map of Epirus. Half-hidden in the fog or wrapped in a white blanket of snow, it looks like a painting that invites us to enjoy it with all our senses.

It is the birthplace of great national benefactors, such as Tositsas, Sournaras and Averof, and nowadays it has turned into a tourist resort that has nothing to envy to the famous chalets abroad.

And of course, taste its very special flavors, both from its popular cheeses and from the endless vineyards that extend on the rugged slopes of the surrounding mountains and create the excellent quality of the famous Averof wines.

It is located between the mountains of Pindos and its name means bear place. The reason for the most impressive capital village of Ioannina, Metsovo, which is one of the most special travel destinations of our country.


The largest and most populous capital of the country, apart from being a special travel destination, it is also a very interesting place for wine tasting, art and culture.


The traditional village of Metsovo, at an altitude of 1200 meters, is one of the most mountainous municipalities in the country and is located on the Egnatia Road, which makes it easy to access from anywhere in Greece.


The traditional village of Metsovo is one of the most unique travel destinations in our country.